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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2011 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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seat. roll call, please.
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[roll call] >> thank you. if you would like, please join us for the pledge of allegiance. thank you. the approval of board minutes, i need a motion and a second. a second? thank you. [roll call vote]
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>> thank you. >> the presentation from the superintendent. superintendent garcia is not with us this evening, but we have the pleasure of the presence of the peace superintendent -- deputy superintendent. >> that is getting better and better every time you say it. the superintendent is in boston at a meeting of the council of the great city schools and can't be here this evening. in his absence, i would like to provide this report. her 2011-2012 priorities are creating a strong structural and corps for our students. the executive team that met in retreat to discuss priorities for the school year. we agreed that creating instructional core is by far the
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most critical and important work this year. reading a strong instructional corps is the most important work this year. toward that goal, thanks to the foundation grant and the hard work of the academic and professional department in close collaboration with the san francisco school alliance and the data center at the university of texas at austin, we help trainees to study the matter common core standards. there will be a reality for us in a few years. these standards outlined the most important essential skills and knowledge that every student needs to master to succeed in college and couriers. being able to fully describe how a math problem can be solved and why will be as much a priority as having the right answer. the standards have been
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developed to support a deep understanding of math concepts. i wish that we could capture the energy and the excitement within the team as they discuss the alignment and the implications for teaching and learning. it was powerful being they're sitting with the ministers -- and the teachers, there was an energy that was certainly help level. you can read more about the common core standards in the latest issue of school times that was recently published by the san francisco examiner. we will be going to all of the schools in three languages next week. we also want to take this opportunity to remind our community of the enrollment affair for the 2012-2013 school year. we'll be holding the annual enrollment fair on saturday, november 5 at the concourse exhibition center from 10:00
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a.m. until 3:00 p.m.. all schools will be represented. there is also more information on the fare on our web site. we strongly want to recommend that our families and our students come out to that there were great information and a good time. thank you. >> recognition of the resolutions and commendations. it is ok, i would like to move of the presentation to the academy of arts, a scholarship program from the president of the academy of art university. i like to ask janet to come up.
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>> it is an honor to give this recognition to dr. stevens. when we had to make the difficult budgetary decisions to eliminate summer school, i got a call from the academy of art university and said that you have eliminated summer school, as a private institution, we would like to hell at offer summer scholarships for a number of your students, full scholarships for the big college program at the academy of art university, including all of the materials. we have had over 130 students participate successfully in the summer program with the academy which is just fantastic. i have a few of them with me tonight. i think it is much better to hear from them so that you can hear the direct opportunity that this is had on them.
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>> i am a junior at the high school. during my freshman year, the academy of art at a presentation and i are class. my mom actually had me join in, she got me out of the house. i am very grateful that i did. i got to explore a lot more subjects that i did not know of the might want to take up in the future. the year after, i took summer class's and learn even more. i am really grateful. think you. -- thank you. [applause]
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>> i am a senior at downtown high school. i was really interested in the academy of art university class's. rapid design, video games and the character design. they taught me how to enhance my work, my details and art. it was hard. it was one of the hardest class's ito. one thing that it taught me, if this is a dream that you want to pursue, you just go and get it. that is what i have always respected about the academy of art when i first looked at it on television. the second thing that i like about it was that, what it taught me, it gave me a better outlook of house school really is. it doesn't matter how hard the work is.
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if you get out and do it, you won't make no type of excuses. you just get out and do it. no excuses at all. that is why i think my principal for recommending me to go to that school. i am always looking at that school is one of my first choices in college. >> my name is jacob from john carver high school. i have taken two years of summer college class is at the academy of arts. originally, it was a plan to kill some time during summer. i was originally going to switch to play football at washington. it was my big interest. but i've got introduced to this program, because of her and dr. stevens, i have found my passion in life.
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the academy of art is my absolute first choice of for my college. >> i am from texas and i am now on my second year at the academy of art university. the way i chose my college was through them offering me the chance to apply for this program. at the time i was new to sentences go, i moved here before i finished high school and this program helps me realize that my major would be illustration. this program helps students that maybe would not otherwise know what they are doing with their life or be on the streets trying to show their creativity in ways that are not legal. i see a lot of students like this. they present their work in a way that his professional and
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learned essays environment had to be told that it is ok to create. i was also very onerous to be awarded the presidential scholarship that pays for my tuition, and i have to say thank you, dr. stevens, for that honor. that helped me get through a lot, especially with my family situation. thank you for allowing the students this opportunity. >> as you can see and hear from the students, it has been a fantastic experience. it started years ago of the partnership, they have expanded in. the summer program is open to all students which is a great experience for many of them. i would like to have dr. stevens, and properly recognized.
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>> before dr. stevens, we give you your certificate and asked you to say a few words, i just wanted to add my 2 cents to this because i have a lot of personal attachment to use your never city -- to your university. he was supposed to pursue a dental career. he went to the university and had the best time of his life. he has dabbled -- been at apple for four years. when you offer the scholarships and open these opportunities, many of the kids do not have access. it they don't have the ability to bring in the arts likely to across the board. for those that love the arts and have not considered pursuing it as a career, this was a really great chance for them to hone
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and on their quality of work that we can actually produce. my daughter was one of the ones that had the opportunity to take advantage of that. for someone who is as quiet as she is, it brought out incredible life in her. she has love that every single year that she has been able to go. for some many of our kids in school where art doesn't exist as much as we would love for it to, it has been wonderful for you to offer this to our schools. the professors that teach the kids during the summer are the same professors that teach the class during the regular year. these are not summer interns coming in, these are the same professors that are there during the regular year. they also have a showcase at the end of the year at this year we almost did not have one and we all must have a riot. the showcase is fabulous
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because -- and we almost had a riot. the showcase is fabulous. because they bring in from kids all over the country, the kids get to meet kids from all over the world. it is remarkable. my daughter be friendly kid from thailand. -- befreinded a kid from thailand. rebecca delgado is phen omenal. she has been a great liaison. on behalf of the school district, we want to thank you for everything you have done. [laughter] doing my duty. >> no, i just wanted to echo president mendoza's comments. my daughter went through the
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summer program ages ago. there has been quite a different sense she attended the summer programs which was about 15 years ago. at the time, i did not get a sense of that, many of our students took advantage of that opportunity. she was one of the very few from the school district. i am so delighted to see the turnaround in this is still being able to draw from throughout the nation and to be inclusive of having more of our local students take advantage of this situation. it makes me so happy, because i know what a great program it is, and the opportunity for these students to get exposed to the quality, the caliber of
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professionals that are teaching these glasses. >> and you pay for everything. the kids show up in the supply store and they have a bad already waiting for them with everything they need, hundreds of thousands of dollars of materials. they walked out without having to pay a dime. we have something for you and we would like for you to share your thoughts. >> thank you so much, president mendoza and janet for the accolades.
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in 1929, my grandfather started the school, a family run school. my father ran it after world war two when he graduated from stanford. a brown graduate of berkeley high. i took over in 1992. it has always been the university's desire and a belief system to support public education. that is what makes this country great and the state of california greyhound and our city. there are so many opportunities, we look around and we see the new clothes are coming out, new cars, movies, the silver were that we eat with has all been touched by the hands of an artist's. we go to supermarkets and we
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see packaging that has all been touched by the hands of an artist, the cars that we drive. the zionism everywhere, art is everywhere. there is a huge opportunity for young people that want to pursue and have a passion to pursue the art that they can have a job and career doing something with tools like a pencil and a pen. we are happy and proud to be able to partner with san francisco unified. i wish my grandfather were here. my dad is 86, i just called and told him. i say that we will be honored for this. it has been a pleasure to work with janet and you, and of the straw that we can make our partnership, the better it is for the students of san francisco and the city as a
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whole. i am happy to be part of it and happy that i can do a little bit to make a difference. thank you again. [applause] president mendoza: the next is a distinguished service award. >> wheel of like to ask how principle -- ask principle mark alvarado to present the first distinguished award. >> is my pleasure to introduce romero. i met him at john o'connell, he is one of the graduates from there. come by and between going to school at o'connell as was working there, i think we are 20 + years.
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probably one of the most phenomenal math teachers i have had the opportunity to see because he is able to connect with students in a way that grabs them and engages them in math, which is very difficult to do. he has moved and taken a new position as a teacher on special assignment and is bringing the classroom knowledge to building out the 21 program, an emerging program. it is a pleasure and honor to introduce him. [applause] >> of like to thank you for this award, which keeps that passion for me is the kids and the co- workers over the years.
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they have that same passion. i would like to thank you very much for this. [applause] president mendoza: we have a special service award. >> will live like to invite the principal from garfield elementary school to tell us about the special service award recipient. >> good evening. i am very excited to present to you a person who made my first year as being a principal last year one of the -- i think one of the easiest transitions to make. it is always hard at a new site
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doing new things, and there are some many details. so quickly, things get lost in the details. things get quickly lost in translation also, coming from a central place. the person who really has been my savior through this whole thing has been that the most amazing person, anything from a random fire alarm at lunchtime and i will have to threaten the fire department to eat the lunch food, dealing with parents that all of a sudden want to know, you have the most bizarre things come through your doors. to have someone who's so passionately and compassionately treats everyone
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with respect and dignity and has been so amazingly supportive. no matter what i am feeling or thinking, she is so intuitive and she consents, this is where we are going to go, or don't forget this. that is what made my first year as a principal helping bull and easy to do. if she isn't there. it is a harder job because i don't know how i could do it. she is one of the fea few wordse may just say thank you. [applause] >> thank you. thank you so much, anna. it is my pleasure to work with her and give me the opportunity
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to serve the school. thank you. >> just in case i forgot that, she is the school secretary and the most amazing one that we have. >> everything you described had 18 rolls. congratulations. the student delegates report. >> who have had to student advisory council meetings since the last board of education meeting. on october 12, peter from the use came to present to us on the
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use of code data from the spring of 2011. he had a packet for every school that had data for our school and everyone else in the district who filled out the survey as well. and also, he came to recruit the advisory council members. and yesterday, our meeting of october 24, we met with associate superintendent and discussed the revisions on the bathroom policy. >> to add on to what joyce said, we have six committees that will work on joint with the yc. the youth justice issues, the
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school district curriculum, student support, emigration, and youth employment. october 18, we attended the board meeting to continue the support, nine members attended and to spoke as public comment. >president mendoza: we have pac members here? >> good evening, president and commissioners. i am a member of the parent advisory council. please excuse me, this is my
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first time presenting. before you is the report. i hope everyone got a copy of it. i wanted to go over some of the issues that the members had discussed. and during the presentation that the deputy superintendent gave, there were a lot of questions that came about that members had a. we just wanted to go over the first three. the difference between -- how is
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the core curriculum -- and what is the difference between the assessment and test? the other is if this is being used to support improve teaching. and how does this information shared with the parents to help them understand what their child's success is. as a somewhat parents, it is difficult when you think your child is doing really well and find out she has an f in a subject. one of the things that i would like as a parent and a community member is to have a lot of
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these teachers are really engage in this community. it has been very challenging at times because there is not a lot of parent involvement in this community. and it's still needs to be shared with them. and however that is, those are one of the questions that i had as a parent. and then the council had that question. and it goes to strengthening communication between the district and the parents of young people in the district. so those ain


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